Do you want to become a Japanese Nail salon owner?

Through years of experience, Japanese Nail provides you with guidelines for predicting more stable profits with a small budget. Therefore, if anyone is interested, they will feel the value of investing in a main job or a side job.

How We Works

Step 1

Please enter your information in the application form below

and click Submit.

Step 2

The partner department will contact you at the requested date and time.

At that time, you will be able to hear any questions or details explained.

Step 3

After the consultation, we will send a Partner & franchise disclosure document (FDD) to anyone interested in the program.

Step 4

Please provide information about the location of the store in the area of your choice. The Japanese Nail affiliated store management team reviews whether or not it is profitable based on its know-how. We will also give you guidelines.

Step 5

Japanese Nail will invest in you in our head office to reduce your small investment and risk. Therefore, a joint Business(LLC) will be opened with the head office partnership company (Japanese Nail LLC).

Step 6

Japanese Nail will do all business account openings and store leasing contracts in the name of the company we established with you (eg Japanese Nail Midtown LLC).

Step 7

Japanese Nail commissions a construction company (OLL International LLC) to design and construct the interior of the store.

Upon completion of construction, Japanese Nail applies for inspection and license to the city and receives approval.

Step 8

Japanese Nail conducts various online marketing and provides event planning prior to the Grand Opening.

We also provide trained Japanese nail artists once they are ready to open.

You only need to focus on store management

as per the program provided by Japanese Nail.


Are you ready?

With less cost, less risk, and less works, you can become a Japanese Nail Salon owner right now.

What are you waiting for?

Get started right now.

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