Welcome to Japanese Nail

At Japanese Nail, the happiness of our customers is of the utmost importance. We promise to provide you with the best nail service in a welcoming atmosphere. We are made up of professionals with many years of experience in Japan. Our techniques and services are incomparable to other nail services and will leave you with good memories. We’d like to thank our customers who always support us.

Japanese Nail Salon Nail Art Portfolio

Why Choose Japanese Nail

  • High-Quality Designs

    Intricate art will make your nails a work of art.

  • Long Lasting Treatments

    Japanese Nail uses only top-quality materials compared to those used in other nail salons. Therefore, our manicures and pedicures have high durability and last much longer than treatments from other salons.

  • Laughter & Happiness

    We always value the happiness of our customers and do our best to reward them with an enjoyable, fun environment.

Our Locations

We have 3 directly operated stores in New Jersey and New York, and we are currently preparing to open more.

Natsuko Japanese Nail

Fort Lee, NJ

Our first store (JUUN) received so much love and support, we decided to open a second NJ location (Natsuko) to provide our services to more people in a larger salon. Therefore, to ease customer inconvenience, it is located across the street from the first store. At Natsuko Japanese Nail, we offer spa pedicures and various other services that are not available in the first store.

Japanese Nail Salon interior in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Pau Hana Japanese Nail

Brooklyn, New York

Pau Hana has a Hawaiian theme and is located in Brooklyn, New York. It has been upgraded from a store that provided general manicure and pedicure services to a high-end, full-service Japanese gel salon.

JUUN Japanese Nail

Fort Lee, NJ

This is the first store that opened in New Jersey. It is a meaningful place that has received support from many guests over the years. We will do our best to continue to provide the best service without forgetting the support and love we received here.

Japanese Nail Salon Owner / Natsuko